totalView Interviewing Toolkit (eLearning)

6 courses



Great interviewers are made not born ... said in a different way ... if you want recruiters and hiring managers in your organization to make great hiring decisions, they need the totalView™ online e-learning interviewer training!

Interviewing is a skill, and just like becoming a brain surgeon it takes quality instruction and lots of practice to truly become an expert.

The totalView™ Toolkit is the affordable, high impact
e-learning Interviewer Training Program that provides your interviewers all the tools they need to become interviewing pros! 

Why does Totalview™ Work?

The totalView™ Toolkit teaches the OMNIview patented “Behavior Based Interviewing” approach, which is the most complete interviewing process in the world.

Behavior Based Interviewing allows you to structure both behavioral interview questions AND the many other critical non-behavioral questions you need to have answered to truly assess a candidate’s “fit”.

Once you’ve learned the OMNIview game-changing interviewing “taxonomy” you will become a master at pulling insightful information from candidates, which is the key to a totalView™ of talent!


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