The HR Pro’s Guide to Diversity & Inclusion: A Primer on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace (Live Online) - 12/15/20 & 12/16/20

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This is a two-part virtual training for HR Professionals that includes Unconscious Bias in Employment as well as Diversity and Inclusion? HR Can Handle That.


  • Tuesday, December 15, 1 pm-3 pm: Part 1 - Unconscious Bias in Employment (Live Online)
  • Wednesday, December 16, 10 am-12 pm:  Part 2 - Diversity and inclusion? HR can Handle That (Live Online)  

Unconscious Bias in Employment

Explores the concept of unconscious bias, the science behind it, how it can affect the way employers hire, evaluate, and treat employees, and strategies employers can use to reduce unconscious bias and create a more inclusive workplace.

Diversity and inclusion? HR can Handle That

If you have heard these or similar words lately, you are not alone.  If you were left wondering what you need to know about these topics and how to proceed, you are not alone.  We are here to provide you with answers.  Join us for a primer on what Human Resource Professionals need to know about diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace.  We will cover the following topics:

  • Where to begin.  We will discuss how to identify realistic, achievable, and business-focused D&I goals for your organization.
  • How to move forward.  We will review the tools and techniques available to help you start a dialogue and learning process in your organization.   
  • Assessment.  We will discuss how to assess where your organization is in its efforts to achieve an inclusive work environment and how to measure the impact of your D&I efforts.
  • Tools and samples.  We will review tools and samples to help guide the development of your D&I efforts.
  • We will discuss concrete tips that companies can use to reduce the impact of Unconscious Bias at key points in the employment cycle: hiring, performance management, and termination, including the process for performing a disparate impact analysis.


Live Online


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