Foundational Leadership Series with eLearning - COHORT (Live Online) 9/13/22 - 12/6/22

12 courses

$1645 - 2350


Foundational Leadership Series with eLearning Cohort (Live Online)

The role of the manager in today’s uncertain and quickly changing workplace has shifted dramatically. They need to do more to meet the needs and expectations of their talented, independent and, in many cases, remote workforce.

They must serve as coach and mentor, be accessible and remain communicative. Their responsibilities are larger than assuring the work is performed; they have to ensure that workers are content as well. The level of responsibility and accountability placed on managers is greater today than it has ever been which is why your managers need training and support now more than ever. 

Our Foundational and Advanced Leadership Series will support your managers with meeting these demands.  Through our blended learning approach, participants learn the critical management skills they need to succeed.  The skills are first introduced in our instructor-led workshops and then supplemented through the eLearning courses.  In the new group coaching sessions that have been added to the series, participants are given the opportunity to reflect upon what they’ve learned to date, discuss what they’ve been able to apply and explore any roadblocks.  This blended approach includes all the elements necessary for learning and applying the new and necessary skills.

Managers, supervisors and team leads will have a chance to explore six critical topics for their leadership development. Click on the content tab above for a description of each course in the series.

MEA's training format, "Cohort Learning," is when a group of attendees start and finish an entire training series together. During each workshop, attendees have the opportunity to build relationships, share experiences, and problem solve with professionals from other companies and industries. Ultimately, your training investment produces stronger results.

Now Included:

-Group Coaching Sessions

Participants are given the opportunity to reflect upon what they’ve learned to date, discuss what they’ve been able to apply and explore any roadblocks.

-Self-Paced eLearning Modules for participants

Blended learning which includes both live classroom and online learning has proven to be successful in developing learners. MEA now includes Vado eLearning Modules that reinforce the learning from each live classroom allowing the learner to go deeper. Each module includes a Job Aide for application of concepts on the job.

-Coaching Guides for the participant’s manager

Coaching guides are available upon request for each session. The goal is to loop the manager into the learning process making their job easier to support their employee’s learning.  The guide includes key coaching questions to ask the learner, copies of the Action Plan and eLearning Job Aides from each class for the learner to complete and much more.

More benefits of this unique training format include:

  • Fresh objective perspective from other managers/peers in industry
  • Cohesiveness ​&​ long-term relationships
  • Diversity and collaborative group dynamics
  • Action Planning for application of classroom learning
  • Immersive, self-paced eLearning courses keeping learning alive outside the classroom
  • eLearning Job Aides for application of self-paced learning

Workshop Dates, eLearning Modules ​&​ Group Coaching Dates:

  • Successful Communication: Tuesday, September 13 & September 20, 1PM - 3PM
    • eLearning Module: Communicate Clear and Concise Messages
    • Group Coaching Session #1 -  Thursday, September 29, 3PM - 4:30PM
  • Management Fundamentals: Tuesday, September 27 & October 4, 1PM - 3PM
    • eLearning Module: Leadership through Delegation
    • Group Coaching Session #2 -  Monday, October 10, 3PM - 4:30PM
  • Basics of Employment Law for Non-HR Professionals: Tuesday, October 11 & October 18, 1PM - 3PM
    • eLearning Module: Team and Company Policies
    • Group Coaching Session #3 -  Monday, October 24, 3PM - 4:30PM
  • Managing People through Motivation: Tuesday, October 25 & November 1, 1PM - 3PM
    • eLearning Module: Recognize Employees Each and Every Day
    • Group Coaching Session #4 -  Monday, November 7, 3PM - 4:30PM
  • Accountability: Stop the Blame Game!: Tuesday, November 8 & November 15, 1PM - 3PM
    • eLearning Module: Getting Buy-in when Delegating
    • Group Coaching Session #5 -  Monday, November 28, 3PM - 4:30PM
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors: Tuesday, November 29 & December 6, 1PM - 3PM 
    • eLearning Module: Improve the Quality of Feedback You Give
    • Group Coaching Session #6 -  Monday, December 12, 3PM - 4:30PM


Live Online 

Cohort Terms ​&​ Conditions:

Participants must complete all six virtual sessions and group coaching sessions to graduate. Zoom invites for the group coaching sessions will be sent prior to the first group coaching date. Partial refunds will not be issued for missed Cohort sessions.

Fee includes all training materials ​&​ assessment (where applicable).

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