Virtual Training Test Drive - 6/5/20 (PM)

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Course Length
150 mins

MEA Facilitator



Join us for our first-ever Virtual Training Test Drive and experience the engagement and collaboration designed into MEA’s Live, Online workshops.  You know what to expect from an MEA in-person workshops.  This is your opportunity to see how MEA’s Live, Online workshops not only create the same engaging and collaborative experience as our in-person workshops but also – and most importantly – create the same transfer of learning.  

During this test drive, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in the learner's seat and experience a taste of the following training:

  • Foundational Leadership Series: Accountability and Motivation workshop activities
  • Advanced Leadership Series: Performance Management workshop activity
  • Critical Leadership Series:  Driving Change workshop activity
  • Remote Leadership workshop
  • Resilience workshop

During the test drive we will announce the changes made to our existing workshops in addition to the new programs being released to help you and your employees meet the demands of the “new normal”.  

Reasons to attend MEA's Training Test Drive:  

  • Experience a virtual training event where engagement, collaboration and learning happens
  • Discover how MEA can help you increase the effectiveness of supervisors, managers and other company leaders through training and coaching
  • Experience abbreviated training sessions and participate in learning exercises to help you make the right development decisions for your staff
  • Make it simple for you to complete your organization's development plan by showcasing the many development options MEA provides

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with HR, training and/or leadership development responsibilities within an organization.


June 5th, 2020


1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


Live, Online



Training Test Drive - 6/5/20 (PM)

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