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Onboarding New Employees Managers work with new hires to help them quickly get up to speed by understanding what they must do and achieve to become fully integrated employees. This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: New Hire Expectations of a Manager New employees know exactly what they can expect from you as a manager   First Weeks’ Deliverables New hires learn what work they must do & what they must achieve in the first few weeks on-the-job   Team Members Introduce Themselves Team members introduce themselves to the new hire   Great Work Situations for New Hires Managers learn what will create a great work situation for each new employee   Learning a New Role New employees learn how they fit in with the team and how they can contribute to the organization   We Wish We Had Known New hires learn what their peers wished they had known when starting their own job   Learning from Co-Workers New hires learn from co-workers why it’s great to work for the team and the company   Teams Share with New Hires Team members discuss the team’s overall purpose and deliverables with the new hire   New Hires Build New Skills Know what skills and knowledge the new hire must build to be successful in the new role   Coaching New Hires New employees receive coaching & information to ensure the right work is done at the right time   New Hires Get Coaching From Others New hires have a network of resources for coaching, feedback and skill building   Reconnect Employees to Individual Work New employees are reconnected to the work they must do and achieve   Feedback for New Hires New employees receive feedback on what they’ve done so far & learn what they must do in the future   Exploring Professional Development New hires explore how they can grow and develop within the company   New Hires Build a Professional Network Team members help new hires build a network of people within the company   Feedback from New Hires Managers receive feedback from their new hires New Hire Performance Review New hires receive a review of their performance since starting their new job   Work and Challenges in the Future New hires get clear on the work and challenges that lie ahead   Additional Courses These courses are part of the Onboarding Learning Track. If you’d like to add to your development experience, consider selecting additional titles from this Learning Track: Onboarding New Employees   Starting a New Job Read More

According to a recent study published by SHRM, 9 out of 10 line managers report that they do not like preparing for and delivering the annual performance review. 9 out 10 HR Managers report that they cannot rely on the data in the annual performance reviews. And most employees will agree that they would rather go to the dentist than go through a performance review! Clearly the system is broken! Introducing the Remarkable Performance Management and Development Toolkit. This set of e-learning courseware will solve some of the most common performance management, performance review and development headaches. Turn the one time per year discussions into on-going discussions. Create valuable annual reviews driving development resulting in more motivated employees. The Performance Management and Development Toolkit includes the following 8 courses: 1. An Introduction to Performance Development Know the mindset required for successful performance development discussions 2. The Performance Development Mindset Understand the role you play as a leader in the performance development process 3. Getting Ready for Performance Development Disucssions Know what you must do to prepare for a performance development conversation 4. Conducting Performance Development Discussions Know what you must to do conduct effective and successful performance development conversations 5. Performance Development for Star Performers Know what you must to do conduct performance development discussions with your star performers 6. Performance Development for Struggling Performers Know what you must to do conduct performance development discussions with your struggling performers 7. Performance Development for Remote Employees Know what you must do to conduct performance development discussions with your remote employees 8. A New Supervisor's First Performance Development Discussion Know what you must to do conduct your very first performance development conversation Read More

This workshop can be taken as a stand-alone workshop as a part of the Advanced Leadership Series. Providing effective performance management is akin to watering your garden—it spurs growth.  And the most successful managers and leaders understand that talent development and performance improvement are not random incidents—they’re part of an on-going plan to nurture employees.  “Performance Management” is a one-day seminar that teaches you how to develop a holistic and proactive strategy for performance management in your department, including performance appraisals. You’ll learn tools for building a comprehensive action plan for employee performance, and coaching and mentoring skills that will help you work with employees to define clear plans for personal development and career growth.  Group discount:  Enter code PM062320 when registering 3 or more attendees to receive a 15% discount. Who Should Attend Experienced Supervisors Managers Employees Identified for Advancement Team Leads When Tuesday, June 23, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Where King of Prussia, PA 234 Mall Boulevard Suite G-50 King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406 Fee includes all training materials & catered lunch. Read More

Personal Behaviors and Conduct Individuals strengthen their personal conduct and behaviors to become individuals with character and integrity in the workplace. This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: Manners and Courtesy at Work Evaluate your level of manners and courtesy at work   Developing an Attitude to Learn Determine if you display an attitude to learn   Increase Your Objectivity Increase objectivity by identifying various perspectives of the same situation   Do You Overreact? Determine if you tend to overreact to stressful and difficult situations   Persevere During Setbacks Persevere in the face of setbacks   Being Consistent with Company Values Increase the consistency between your actions and the company values   Don’t Jump to Solutions Spend time asking questions before immediately jumping to solutions   Additional Courses These courses are part of the Being a Business Professional Learning Track. If you’d like to add to your development experience, consider selecting additional titles from this Learning Track: Basic Business Skills   Personal Behaviors and Conduct   You and Your Boss Read More

This set of courses introduces individuals to the concepts of quality improvement and lean thinking.  Learners are introduced to the basic concepts and tools, as well as learn techniques for how to apply these concepts and tools within their work and projects. This bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: Process and Quality Basics Understand the evolution of quality improvement concepts and tools Lean Concepts Discover the concepts and tools at the heart of lean thinking Read More

In this interactive webinar, we will review the concept of progressive discipline – what is it, when should it be used, and how should it be used.  We will discuss how to use progressive discipline in the lead up to termination of employment.  We will review some of the key risks in the termination process and the steps employers can take to reduce or eliminate those risks.  Participants will gain a better understanding of wrongful termination and discrimination claims, limitations on at-will employment, and best practices for legally compliant termination procedures.  Who Should Attend More Experienced HR Professionals (1-5 years experience) Group discount:  Enter code PD021220 when registering 3 or more attendees to receive a 15% discount. When Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Where Webinar Read More

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